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Friday, December 7, 2012


This is a busy time of year.  Yesterday my goal was to send off the package that has to go to Australia.  That means I had to write a letter, wrap the gift and find an envelope big enough for it.  Since it is a 13 by 13 calendar, I couldn't find an envelope large enough so I made one out of heavy brown paper.  I hope it gets there okay.  Then the Post Office is a whole other challenge.  Of course there were no forms available to fill out before I got to the window.  I was hoping it wouldn't cost more to send it that we paid for it.  It was close, but it worked out.
Now the next challenge was to see if I could get started on the smocked dress.  I didn't think I could realistically get this done before Christmas so I was just going to go for the birthday instead.  But things went very well.  I got the dress cut out, it is only three pieces: front, back and sleeve.
The fabric is a cute alphabet pattern.

 Then I had to pleat it.  I haven't used my pleater in a while (years?  decades?) so I was rusty with the set up.  I started to pleat and realized that I couldn't roll all the pieces on the dowel at the same time.  So had to cut the threads, pull it out of the machine and try again.  Then I accidentally rerolled the sleeve around one of the rollers.  I was able to get it out without cutting the threads by taking the machine apart.  I am happy to say it is all pleated.

 The next step is to smock.  I started the first row around the neck.  There are only 6 rows so I actually may be able to do this before Christmas.

I just barely started the scissors case for Cabinet of Curiosities.  I am changing the colors as I go along.  It is an interesting new way to work.  No chart to follow.  Sort of like painting with thread.

I got a very interesting book that I ordered in the mail yesterday.  It has a lot of old animal charts in it.  I found it at a good price on Barnes & Noble.  I ordered another book by the same author of flower charts.  I think the books might help me with my casket design.

My goal for today is to see how far I can get on the smocked dress.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck!:)
    You week ith all projects. The dress fabric is very cute. I have never done smocking so it is great fun to see how it turnes out.

    Your scissors case is coming along great, looks very fun to pick out colours.

    Have a nice and peaceful weekend, hugs