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Sunday, December 9, 2012


I have been working hard on the smocked dress.  All the smocking is now done and I am ready to sew the dress together.  I used silk threads for the smocking.  I liked using the Hand Dyed Fibers premium floss.  Just one ply worked fine.  I sure hope it fits when it is all done.

I got the calendar I was making all done yesterday.  Another gift down.  Today I am going to make fudge - among other things.  I am planning on licking the pan when I am done!  I even cleaned up the mess in the computer room.
There was a dusting of snow this morning.

Here is a picture of me in 1982 with some cross stitch stuff.  Good grief that is a long time ago.


  1. The smocked dress looks beautiful. Aren't old photos wonderful. I'm inspired to look out some of my old photos - maybe tonight

  2. The dress is really pretty!
    What a lot of work involved, it will be a hit I am sure:)

    Very nice and cool photo of you, 1982 seems like long ago
    doesn´t it. No wonder we have lots of stitched things in our cabinets:):)