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Thursday, December 27, 2012


There was a problem with posting yesterday.  We had extremely spotty internet service.  It drove me crazy not to be able to check my email and my see my bookmarked sites.  I couldn't even send email.  Things seem to be fixed now.

I had a great Christmas.  It was low key and quiet and there was no stress at all.  I watched the Christmas at Downton Abbey episode on Christmas Eve.  I loved that some of the strings of the story were cleared up.  Now I am ready for season 3 to begin in January.  But I just read in USA Today that Matthew isn't coming back for Season 4.  Oh no!

I am seriously spoiled with all the gifts I got.  I think I will show them to you one a day.  Today's gift is something I use almost everyday.  A new camera!   It is a Canon Powershot.

 My old camera was a Canon Powershot also.  But the battery door was broken and I couldn't keep the battery charged - even after buying a new battery.  So DH got me a new one.  The going rate for cameras now is 16 megapixels.  Wow.  My old camera had 7.  This new camera has a touch screen and the two most used adjustments I need to make are easy to get to (flash-I usually have to turn it off, and up close for small stitchery items).  There is a learning curve to this camera but it is made easier since I am used to my old Canon.  DH put the instruction book right on my computer screen so it is easy to look something up.  This camera does all kinds of fancy stuff.  The only thing I can complain about is that the bottom of the camera is rounded and it isn't very stable unless you lay it down flat.  I took a picture of my Santa with the full 16 pixels and you could see every stitch.  It is amazing.  Next month I can take all kinds of great pictures of Claire when we are there for her first birthday.  We have our airline tickets and hotel all booked.  I am starting to count down the days.

We got about three inches of snow yesterday.  Enough snow to look wintery but I can still drive without fear.  It isn't icy and the main roads are clear.

I am working on some more of the Dolci Beads.  I have learned that the linen congress cloth folds much easier to the back for tacking down.  I also realized that I made a mistake with one of the beads.  I forgot the border (two rows of tent stitch).  So, do I take out the tacking down stitches and try to put it in?  Maybe.  I have to be in the mood.

Also, I finished the heavy chain stitch around the Trevelyon Holly Ornament.

I started the leaves.  I am not very familiar with the detached buttonhole stitch that is used for filling the leaves so I am looking for a different stitch for the center of the leaves.  I tried a few detached buttonhole stitches and it didn't look good.  I am trying a reverse chain stitch instead.  I like working on this linen.  It is a nice fine weave ( Kingston 70 count, I think).


  1. Matthew won't be in season 4? Nooooooooo! I've already seen season 3 - got it from the Net.
    Heard a comment on the radio the other day how Tom Cruise was "too short" to be Reacher.
    Detached Buttonhole Stitch - well, if you are going to do any detached work on your casket - you're gonna have to learn it. Unavoidable - it's the basic stitch. If you google "thistle thread detached buttonhole stitch" you will find 2 PDFs by Tricia - one on basic DBS and one on DBS needlelace, The instructions are excellent.
    Go Trevalyn, and I love your camera, lucky you!

  2. Congrats on your lovely new camera:) It is so nice to have a good camera to take the photos, saves lots of time.
    Looking forward to see more of your christmas gifts:)
    Your Trevelyon progress is so exciting, good luck on the different stitches.