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Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Here

The poor UPS man was working late last night.  He left a package at my door at quarter to eight.  I can see by the return address that it is my MIRROR! This is what it looks like:

 I am so excited.  DH wasn't home - he was off playing soccer.  I was so tempted to peek and see that it is all intact.  But I didn't.  I know I have to wait e l e v e n  l o n g  days until Christmas.  This is going to drive me crazy just waiting to see it and what design is included for it. I have an old Sampler and Antique Needlework magazine that has a design for a mirror in it by Sharon Cohen.  So many possibilities.  I can't wait!  I read that the caskets will be able to be ordered in late January.  I should get back to working on the latest project in Cabinet of Curiosities:  that scissor case worked in velvet stitch on waste canvas.

I've lost a thread winder.  I put it in the laundry basket of shame and now I can't find it.  ARGH.  I should take everything out of the basket and see if I run across it.  Of course if I do that all the available floor space will be filled with junk.  Maybe tomorrow.

Went to Panera for dinner last night.  Yummy.  I got a gift card for my birthday and have been enjoying it very much. (Thanks Scott!)
Goal for today:  read some more of the Jack Reacher novel.

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