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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Working On New Stuff

It is nice to have a new focus.  And to start something new!  I have one more kit from The Purple Thread.  I started it yesterday.  Three times.  I was trying out linen.  I don't like the overdyed that came in the kit.  It's wrinkly.  So I got out some cream color linen as the picture on the front of the kit looks more creamy.  But after a few stitches I realized it was 28 count and I wanted 32. Then I got out some Sandstone linen.  Several designers prefer this linen.  The Sandstone linen wins!  But the book is turning out way larger than I imagined.  I wonder how this would look over 1.  I am anxious to get to the pink floss as I think that this is a really sweet design.

Poor neglected Mr. Snowman got a lot of attention yesterday.  I got  a lot done on his face.  I haven't done any of the backstitch that defines the edges.  That will really make him pop.  He is done in colors that are so not me.

I printed out the other chart that I bought from Pinoy Stitch.  It is another Jesse Wilcox Smith design of a girl amidst flowers.  I'm am trying not to start it yet as I know I will work on it obsessively if I do.
I put in a few stitches in the GPA project.  I am so much happier with these colors.  The photo is totally wrong color wise, that pink is really yellow.

I got an email from the Needlework Guild of Minnesota that the August retreat filled up on the first day of registration.  Wow.  I'm hoping I got in but I guess I better wait for the confirmation letter.

I am tempted by a couple of classes on the Shining Needle Society site.  But I am trying to be good and live within my means.  But you know about good intentions!

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  1. Hi Amy, The Purple Thread kit looks good - I find stitching over one so hard on the eyes that I sometimes go for over two on 40 count linen instead! Like you I was really tempted by the classes on Shining Needle but at the moment I don't have the necesary hours in the days and the exchange rate makes them way too expensive at this time. Maybe next time?! Have a good day.