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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet House

I got the sweet house on the GPA design in.  Very cute.  I'm over half done now.  I wonder if I could finish it if I concentrated on it all day?  I get bored though, and need a break every hour or so.  I tore myself away from the Second Bookmark.  It is so fun to work on and see what emerges from the white linen.

I'm getting excited about Sunday's class and meeting Amy Mitten.  I hope she brings some stuff for sale.  I'm not taking the Saturday class she is teaching.
Dylan had a good time playing with my labelmaker.  His sister tried the hand lotion we made for his mother and wants some so Dylan wants to make her some next week.
 I got nothing done on my other two projects.  But hey, Mondays are busy.

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