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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Gift

The Internet is a wonderful invention.  It is a fun way to spend time.  You can get to know people through their blogs.  You can see things that you would never see locally.  You can expand your horizons and see all manner of possibilities.  My life has changed because of the computer and the Internet.  I'm a much better typist now - and so are kids.  I have found out about things going on that I never would have known about.  If I want to know how to do something, I can look it up on the Internet.  One of the nicest things that I have gotten from the Internet is friends.  People who like to do what I love, stitching.  When stitching people get together, they share information and the latest gadgets and projects they are working on.  One of the special people I have met is Margaret.  She is half a world away from me.  She leaves wonderfully kind words of encouragement as comments on this blog.  We have become friends.
Yesterday the doorbell rang and I ran down to answer it knowing it was probably the mailman.  I was waiting for a kit I bought on ebay.  When I opened the door, it was the mailman with a stack of mail for us that was too large to fit in our mailbox.  I did get my ebay kit. I got a big box from the Silver Needle, a back ordered item.  I  also got a gift.  A most wonderful package from Margaret.  She made me a beautiful husswif.

 The stitching is exquisite.  It is so nicely done.  I love everything about it.  The lining material, the buttons on the scissors fob, the drawstrings, the colors, the special stitches.  Blue is my favorite color.  Inside the bag was a sweet blue pair of scissors.  There were also mints and chocolate and needles in the package. All of this from a kind thoughtful friend that I have never seen in person.  Thank you Margaret.  I feel undeserving of such nice things.  But I know it is a reflection of the great person that you are.


  1. I couldn't agree more. And like you while I appreciate all the things I can see, things I can buy, and things I can learn, best of all are the friends. I call them my internet friends, but it is amazing how many I have eventually been able to meet in person -- and hopefully I will meet you one day.