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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting Back to Stitching

It is a beautiful day here.  I am anxious to get to stitching.  DH's nano died.  The new replacement one that we got in January is unresponsive.  So I've dealt with how to fix it and send it back and get a replacement for the replacement.  I went to Target but they are remodeling and it is a mess there.  ARGH.  So I'm looking forward to a numb butt this afternoon.

I stitched the first cartouche on the Mute But Not Silent sampler.  It is the sea captain.  Next is a crown and heart cartouche.  I don't even know what a cartouche is but that is what she calls them in the directions.  A motif?  A thingie?  Anyway, I want to stitch one cartouche a day and see how it goes.

I stitched on the Second Bookmark.  I am starting the second half .  What will it be?  More flowers?  Leaves?  I just have to stitch and see what it looks like.

I got a good amount done on Mr. Snowman.  My goal for today is to get the raccoon done.

I saw Dylan for the last time this school year.  He is so sweet.  He wrote me another letter dictated to his Speech teacher who printed it out.  We looked at a Wizard of Oz pop-up book and he really enjoyed that.  We made more hand lotion, for his sister this time.  We had pizza.  He might go to summer school.  I would like to work more with him on reading over the summer.  I'll have to contact the school and ask if that is possible.  I asked him what vegetables he likes.  The only one he likes is celery with peanut butter in it but no raisins.  I'm not sure he is familiar with many vegetables.

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  1. Amy,I think a cartouche is an oval shape enclosing an emblem which would fit here. But a motif or a thingie work equally well :-) You are doing well with all your projects.