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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Holiday Weekend

I went out to the Farmer's Market this morning.  Would it be deserted or very busy on a holiday weekend?  The answer is very busy.  No parking spaces were available and I had to park next door.  I was tickled to find some sugar snap peas.  People were lining up for the fresh strawberries - including me.  Still no Cupcake Lady.  Rats.
By the time I left the Y after Pilates, it was bucketing rain.

I had to frog again on Mute But Not Silent.  Very frustrating.  I'm still working on the first H for Hendrick.

I put in a few more stitches in the Second Bookmark.  I read a perfect name for the type of stitches required in this project - confetti stitches.

I got the quail all done on Mr. Snowman except for the backstitching on him.  Now for the basket of fruit.  I am coming to the end of page 2 of the chart.

I sewed the fob together for the Stitching Chair Necessaire.  It is very sweet.  I need to make some twisted cording for it.  I have to decide on what color first.  I want to start the actual necessaire part.  Actually I did start one of the pockets for it.  I changed the stitch around the edge to a long arm cross stitch. I love how this stitch looks braided.
Have a fun weekend!

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