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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Day

Yesterday was a very busy day!  Everything turned out fine with celebrating Dylan's birthday.

 He loved ( and scarfed down) the pizza. His school lunch in the background was "mystery" meat.  Here is his pizza smile.

 He enjoyed the cupcake (and ate the whole thing).

 He really liked the game and said thank you.

 He had fun making smoothies and he drank it too.  Here he is making a chocolate, lemon, yogurt one.

I managed to do a few stitches. There are two little charts that have been staring at me from my sewing table begging to be stitched.  Since I had a big finish, I figured I could indulge and start one.  It is nearly finished.  It's cute.

I may start the other one later today.  It is a little nutcracker.

I was so thrilled to finally start the Cabinet of Curiosities online class today. I've been waiting since last December.   It will take a while to go through the 74 pages and 41 web links.  I was wondering how often we would get a class.   It will be monthly for eighteen months.  It will be a very thorough class.  I'm loving it!

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