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Thursday, May 17, 2012


I loved working on the Second Bookmark yesterday.  I decided to take a square on the graph and finish that square.  I did and I ended up reaching the bottom of the first page chart.  This project has three chart pages although there isn't much on the third page.  So it will be just a bit bigger than the first Bookmark.

But finally, I tore myself away from the Second Bookmark because my goal for the day was to try to finish the second panel of the Purple Thread needlebook.  I didn't get it done but I made progress.  The border is kind of boring to stitch.

Then I went on to try and find where I was on Mr. Snowman.  I was getting lost in his coat.  I figured out where I was and then worked to get down to the raccoon's tail.  Good progress there too.

I love perusing blogs and getting ideas.  I looked at the Selvage blog and saw what I wanted to do with my oil cloth tote bag.  It had a picture of string quilts.  I like that style and want to begin with piecing the tote bag lining and seeing if I like it.  So now I have a place to start.  Cool.

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