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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Tale of Excess

When I went to Amy Mitten's Mute But Not Silent class on Sunday I admired the lady sitting next to me's scissor fob.  I really wanted to stitch it.  She told me the name of the pattern and who designed it.  Hillside Samplings' Stitching Chair Necessaire.  So when I got home I went straight to ebay to see if I could find it.  No luck.  So I thought I would keep checking hoping it would show up sometime.  I kept checking and kept checking.  Last night as I was picking up the Mr. Snowman book to see what color to backstitch the raccoon in, I noticed something under the book.  It was a kit.  A complete kit of - you guessed it - Hillside Samplings' Stitching Chair Necessaire.  I'm sure I got it on ebay a while back.  I had the kit all along!  Good thing I didn't find it and buy it again!  I think the universe is telling me I have too much stuff.  DH tells me that all the time.  He also mentions what will happen to it when I'm gone....

 Of course, I had to start it.

I got the heart and crown cartouche done on Mute But Not Silent.  Now I think I will tackle the sea captain's initials, HH.

The raccoon is done on Mr. Snowman.  I want to stitch his tummy today. There is a big sea of white that will be mindless stitching during a soap opera.

I signed up for another class.  I know, it is an addiction.  I have been interested in Sue Spargo's embellished quilts.  She is teaching up the road from me in September.  I signed up for the needlecase to be specially designed for the class.  I think it will be fun.

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  1. That exact kit was in my hands last week - it has moved closer to the top of my 'list'

    Yeah, you know what I mean!

    here are some of my pictures ... scroll down a bit.

    It is quite fun to stitch. Seems there are usually this-or-that I'm stitching for somebody else. The needlework for me ends up at the bottom of the stack!

    Stitch well