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Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Hare is Lounging

The Lounging Hare is totally finished!  I glued down the top to the box then I was reading the directions and thought now I have to make some twisted cord for around the edge.  When I went looking in the kit leftovers for the pearl cotton to make the cording, I found the cording that I had actually made in the class last June.  Sherri Jones helped me make it so it was especially nice.  I had to "lightly" glue it on.  Luckily it looks pretty good.

I didn't get much stitched yesterday.  But I have only one more thread winder to put together.  I ended up signing up for the temari class.  I really want to know how to do one and I want all the correct tools.  The kit comes with all the stuff I need to make three and maybe four temaris.   I have a book on temari and I have tried to make one.  There are going to be videos so that will help too.  The class starts in June.
 I started the second bookmark.  I just love the first one and so I wanted to try the second one.  So far it is much easier because there are some larger areas of the same color.  You don't have to change floss every five seconds.

A very nice FedEx man brought me some chocolate covered strawberries this morning and even wished me a Happy Mother's Day. I'm a lucky duck!

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