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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cold Day In Here

It feels very cold today.  It is raining and dreary.  I don't care, I'm stitching.
I made some progress yesterday.  I finished the "H" for Hoytesma, so the Captain initials are done.  Now I can work on a new cartouche.

I really worked hard on the Second Bookmark.  I filled in stitches -confetti stitches- and worked my way down.  I am very near the bottom.  A finish in the next few days seems possible.

I also buckled down and worked the second pocket, called the double pocket on the Stitching Chair Necessaire.  Now I am starting the pincushion.

I'm late posting because I went shopping.  I thought that a quilt shop in town had closed but surfing the web I found that it had only moved to a new location.  So I checked it out this morning.  Oh, nice fabric.  Oh, nice quilts.  It was fun to see what they had.  Of course some stash came home with me.

 Next door to the quilt shop is a store where you can paint china.  I didn't know there was a place to do that any more.  I have some fun pieces that I have painted and it would be fun to do more.  Now I can.
Then I went to Hobby Lobby.  I'm embarrassed to say that I bought too much candy there.
There is a new Just Nan design for Silver Needle coming out in late June.

  I must stitch it.

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