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Sunday, May 6, 2012


I am getting to the end of the Bookmark.  I really like it.  I'm down to stray stitches here and there - but it takes a long time to finish them up.  I hope to finish today.

There are so many possibilities for what to do next.  I cut all the pieces to finish the eight thread winders for the Vierlande Winders' Keeper.  Two weeks from today I take a class with Amy Mitten and I'll get to show her my totally finished project.  I'm getting better at  making the winders as I go along.  I have three all done and using the tiny pieces of double stick tape really helps.  So forty pieces more to fold and put together.

I want to change the stitching that hangs along the stairs.  I have everything (frame, mat, backing) to frame Drawn Thread's B My Valentine.

I would like to hang it there instead of some Shepherd's Bush ones that I am tired of.  BTW,  Drawn Thread posted some new designs yesterday.  The Herb Garden is just like the Butterfly Garden but with a bench instead of a house.  I saw someone stitching Butterfly Garden while I was at Spring Fling.  It was gorgeous.  I have the pattern and I want to stitch it.  It takes a big piece of fabric as the design is about 22 inches by 4 inches.  I wish I had another stitcher's quarter of lambswool.  I may have to order some.

I set out some of the quilt squares I got yesterday to see how they looked.  It would be easy to sew them into strips.  The hard part is arranging them so none of the same pattern touches another.  This is practice for making the lining for the oilcloth tote.

I also want to get over my fear of embroidery.  I love that Home Sweet Home etui project but I am afraid of messing it up.  So, one baby step at a time.  I have one side of the tape measure done and I traced the other side.  I looked up a stitch I didn't know how to do (knotted pearl).  I have to find some red felt for padding the strawberry.  I've never worked a padded stitch.  Then you're supposed to use waste canvas over the felt.  ARGH.  We'll see how this goes.....

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  1. Hi Amy, your bookmark looks as if she should be framed - she is so beautiful. I too have experienced the trepidation you are feeling with the embroidery. All shall be well I am sure so look forward to seeing progress reports.