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Friday, May 11, 2012

Three Projects and a Party

I am slowly progressing on my three main projects.  But this afternoon I have to go to a party.  It is the end of the year party for the mentor kids.  There will be pizza and some free books.  I didn't tell you about seeing Dylan on Monday.  I didn't because he wasn't there.  Rats.  We were going to make some hand lotion for his mother for Mother's Day.  I'm taking my stuff to the party and maybe we'll get a chance to make it at the party.  So I hope I see him this afternoon.  We only have two more meetings until the end of school.  Boy, has this year gone fast!

I got to the top of the GPA project.  Today I want to finish the windmill and get the bottom border to the half way point.

Mr. Snowman is going very well.  I am almost done with the first page chart (there are three pages).  I mainly have to finish his hat.  I think I can do that today.

Then I hope to start the middle panel for the Purple Thread needlebook.  I am trying a satin stitch for the ribbon looking part of the border.  I like it but I don't know if I will take out the other three sides and replace it with the satin stitch.  Right now I don't want to.  Maybe later.  I wonder if I could just stitch it on top of the cross stitches.  I'll have to try and see how it looks.
I got some chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's Day.  Yum.

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