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Saturday, May 12, 2012


The end of the year party for the mentors/mentees went very well.  There was good crowd control.  The kids were busy and thus not getting into trouble.  It all worked very well.  Of course, everybody loved the pizza.

I got a great thing in the mail yesterday.  I have been waiting since last June for the box that goes with the Lounging Hare class.  It came yesterday.  I had to dig out the top that is ready to be mounted on it. The wood box is made of a beautiful tiger maple (I think).  The top slides on and off and the lounging hare folding pockets sits inside.  It will be nice to get this project finished.  Isn't the box gorgeous?

I worked really hard to achieve my goals for yesterday.  I finished the first page chart of Mr. Snowman.  It will be nice to move on to page two.  I backstitched the cardinal just to see how he would look.

Then I started the Purple Thread needlebook's middle panel.  I don't like the floss colors and want to change them.  I've been experimenting with some Hand-Dyed Fibers premium floss and combining two colors.  I'm still not there.  I'm looking around for just the right overdyed floss.

Then I did get to the middle of the bottom border of the GPA project.  Now I want to get everything done for the left half.  The house on the other side looks like it will be fun to stitch.  Again the colors in the photo are all messed up.  They are blue and yellow IRL.

I'm tempted!  I want to take the Temari Class on Shining Needle Society.  Last day to sign up is tomorrow.

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