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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I finished up the little Prairie Schooler "Rain".  I'll have to think of something cute to do with it.

 I started the other Prairie Schooler.  It's great to have a quick fun stitch.

I also finished the first page of the Bookmark.  It takes forever when you have to change floss colors with every stitch.  But now I am ready to start the second page which is shorter, only 1845 stitches to go.  I'm going to make some little basting marks every ten stitches to help me figure out where I am.

I have been enjoying reading all about caskets in the Cabinet of Curiosities class.  I want to reread it to make sure I absorb it all.  I think I will print it out.  My BFF prints everything out and puts it in a book and has her stuff all organized.  I'm kind of a slob.  But I want to really study this information we've been given.  (Is there a test?)


  1. Congratulations to Dylan for his birthday. Looks like he had a fun day. The bookmark sure has a lot of stitches in it but what a wonderful result.

  2. Hi Amy - how are you? Keeping busy with stitching projects I see. Your finished Vierlande is wonderful!