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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The sun is shining brightly outside.  But it is very cold and the road hasn't been plowed yet. DH thinks we got about 9 inches of snow yesterday.  School is cancelled again today.  I just saw a Fed Ex driver try to gun his way up the hill and fishtail.  So I am staying put.  No Y and no walking today.  Maybe things will improve later.

I went looking for something fun to work on yesterday.  I wanted to do more on this blackwork biscornu that I started.

But so far I haven't found the chart for it.  It is somewhere in the laundry basket of shame.

While I was looking for the blackwork chart, I ran across this kit.

 I saw it on someone's blog and just loved it.  So I bought the kit but hadn't started it yet.  It is over one on 40 count.  (Shoot me now)  But hey, I could try a bit and see how it goes.
Not too bad.  I'm thinking of tweaking the colors a bit.

I made a mistake!  The kit coming from the Silver Needle is a Shepherd's Bush design.  The tracking says it should be delivered today!

I am almost done with the pre-stitching for the May retreat.

 I did some experimenting with threads and stitches trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

 Instead of doing 5 rows of backstitch I decided to do 5 rows of stem stitch.  Looks good.  Then instead of large rice stitches with more added on, I decided to do two rows of  long armed cross stitches instead.

 I'm happy with that.


  1. Aww I love the new cute
    Happy stitching x

  2. The Biscornu is pretty, I hope you find the chart.
    That little fob will be so cute.