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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Something New

I got the linen in the mail yesterday.

 But it is overdyed - not my favorite linen to work on.  Overdying the linen closes up the holes and it is harder to stitch on.  I started it and decided that using two strands of the silk (as recommended on the chart) on the border was too much.  It looked sloppy.  So I thought I would try long arm cross.  That was better but two strands was still too much.  Okay, how about one strand.  That was much better.

  But now I may wait until I get to Stitchville to get just a plain regular nice-to-work-in-hand blue linen.

So then I went looking for 40 count linen.  You would think I know better than to work on 40 count by now.  But I have a new pattern by Milady's Needle that calls for working over two on 40 count.

Maybe that's not so bad.  I found two colors, a cream and a sandstone.  I laid the floss colors on the linens and I decided to try the sandstone.

It is working out well!

I think I can finish this soon.
Of course, I have been working on the birth announcement.  I got Mr. Crab done.

 I am deciding whether to leave out the next row and go straight to the mermaid.

We'll see. . .
The sun is shining.  Can't wait to see Claire today.
Happy Easter.


  1. The linen sure looks different from the pics of the kit.
    Love the PYNS project.
    The baby sampler is turning out so cute.