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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Monica is no longer naked.  She is all done!

 This is a GPA design.  I got the half doll when I was at Williamsburg last December.  It was rather pricey as it is made in Italy.  She has some delicate parts.  The roses in her hair:

Her hands are very delicate too.

So to justify the cost, I just had to finish her.  She joins her sisters in Curio#2.  It seems like I have to learn all over again the best way to finish these half dolls every time.  I wasn't happy with how the last doll turned out.  Her skirt just didn't hang like I wanted.  So I tried not gathering the skirt and apron together.  Doing them separately worked better.  It is always hard to pull the gathers tight enough around some very small waists.  I tried folding over the top and sewing a placket but that didn't work.  So I took it out and tried again.  Better.  I wish I had wider silk ribbon to fold over the gathers of the apron.  But I just went with what I had in stash.  This is actually leftover ribbon from the last doll.  Okay, so she isn't perfect but she is done.

Here she is next to the Queen's Crown.

I went walking in much warmer weather this morning.  It is going to be a glorious day.  If everything goes well, I will have another finish to show you tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful work on both pieces! Wow!

  2. I have been admiring your half dolls in earlier posts too. This one is just lovely! I was considering ordering one too... until I saw the price. Ouch! This past Saturday my husband and I went to a huge antique show in a neighboring town. One of the first booths had 4 antique half dolls! (Just the doll part.) I bought a nice one for $35! Then at a booth toward the end I found a dealer with antique half dolls which had various fabric skirts. One was Spanish inspired with black lace! One was an actual pin cushion. I had never seen (or maybe just not noticed) these sorts of antique dolls before! Thanks for your inspiring blogging!

  3. Monica is beautiful.
    Congrats on another pretty finish.