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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Black and White

I am amazed at the mistake I made on the blackwork biscornu.  I am almost done with the bottom.

 I realized I totally messed up the backstitch around the top.

 How is it possible to have the chart right in front of you and not follow it?  The answer is I was not paying close enough attention.  So now I will have to go back and take out the backstitch on the edge and put it in correctly.  I didn't even realize that there are two lines of backstitch around the edge.  I'm just clueless!
With luck, I'll get this all put together today.  It would be great to have a finish.

I went walking at the Y and there were all kinds of people there.  I sort of like it when it is deserted and I am the only one.  I'm going to try walking outside tomorrow.  I hope the trail is clear of snow and ice by then.
I didn't get the Amy Mitten kit yesterday.  Hopefully, I'll get it tomorrow.
Here is where I am on the Z Sampler scissors fob.
 I changed the heart to a pink color.  It was charted in green.  Green?!?!  I tried different colors on the edging thinking that if I made it a light cream color that it would look like lace.  It totally disappeared!  So I went back to the color that was recommended (612?).
This coming week is supposed to be warm.  But of course, warm is a relative term.  I hope we get rid of all the snow and I can walk outside everyday!


  1. So sorry you goofed on your blackwork. I have been avoiding stitching this week because I have been so very tired I knew I would make some mistakes. I really hate to frog. I like the color change for the heart. I agree that green would be a little weird. I hope you get done with the frogging quickly and get back to stitching.

  2. Sorry you have to re-do part of the Biscornu.
    The fob is turning out nice.
    I would make the heart pink or red also.