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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Flubbed Fob

I finished off this fob.

It looks fine but it is really FUBAR.  I am off in the count on so many parts.  Some of this is full cross stitch over one on 40 count linen.  Some is half cross when I couldn't stand it anymore.  I didn't take out mistakes, I just glossed them over.  So it is what it is.  I'd almost (!) like to try this again but on a larger count.  I tried changing colors but it didn't work out.  I guess the designer knows best on this one.  The "Z" is really hard to see since it is worked in the same color as the linen.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

I made progress on the birth announcement.

Today I want to work my way down to the mermaid.  I think I am about half done.   The border takes forever to stitch.
I'm hoping for the Just Nan linen today.  Then I will reward myself with a new start.
I'm digging around for some small kits to take with me on my trip to Spring Fling.  I'm getting excited!


  1. I agree about the Z, but the rest is fabulous. And being an old lady I had to look up fubar!

  2. LOL, I had to look up FUBAR, too. I'd say that is definitely not true. I think your fob looks lovely. I had that kit but I thought it was a beast of a project too, and never finished it. The birth sampler is coming along nicely, Amy! Happy Easter!

  3. It's still very pretty.
    Great progress on the Birth Sampler.
    Happy Easter!