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Friday, March 4, 2016


It was 16 degrees when I got up this morning.  No walking outside.  Off to the Y I went.
We went out to celebrate our anniversary last night.  Yes, more flowers!

 I'm embarrassed to tell you how many years (44).  Then you'll know I'm really old.
Here's what I accomplished on the blackwork biscornu:

There is a whole other side of the biscornu to stitch that is not the same as the top.  I couldn't find the piece of fabric for that so I got something that is the same count and theoretically the same color.

I'll work on that today.
The new Amy Mitten kit is scheduled to arrive today!  Yeah!  I'm so glad I finished the Quaker Bag so I can start this new one.  This kit has no cross stitching but it will be very interesting to construct.
I started a batch of candied orange peel. I know, it needs to be spread out way more.

 It is drying in the sun.  I wanted some Grand Marnier to sprinkle over it but when I saw some at the store it was 39.99!  No way, Jose.


  1. The biscornu is very pretty, and such a delicate design.

    Looking forward to seeing what the new Amy Mitten piece is!

    (Last time I needed a bit of Grand Marnier, I cheaped out and got a miniature - turned out to be just enough for my recipe)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    The Biscornu is so pretty.

  3. Lovely stitching, Amy!
    Happy anniversary! You must have been a child bride!