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Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Again

It is a chilly Friday.  But since the snow is gone, I could walk outside.  It is supposed to warm up today.
BFF talked me into ordering some Nashville market stuff.  I was going to wait, really I was.  But some of the offerings are limited editions and are going fast.  So I made a list of stuff I would like, then I narrowed it down.  I crossed off the frivolous things.  There were nine things left on the list.  So I ordered them.

 I got an email from Silver Needle.  They wanted to know if I wanted the ladybug or the butterfly tiny needlebook from Just Nan.  I didn't even know there were two to choose from.  I chose the butterfly.  That means they are putting together my order.  Yeah!

You know, if I had more time I would try things out and goof around a lot more.  After doing the pre-stitching for Spring Fling I was thinking of other designs that could go on that needlebook.  I like those clock (clox?) designs that I have seen on a few samplers.  So I went looking for some clock designs.  A few years ago, Needleprint had some little Christmas stocking ornaments with clock or clox designs.  Did I have them?  I went looking but couldn't find anything.  They are still on Needleprint's site even though the lady has retired.  So I tried ordering them.  The order went through and I got them.  So I am trying the needlebook again with one of the little stocking designs.
Then I thought I would try doing a larger design over one.  (Am I crazy?)  So far:

It goes so much slower over one.  I found a sampler from Stickideen von der Wiehenburg (that's a mouthful) called "Patricia" that has some of the clox motifs.  They are the long skinny designs.  I like the ones with crowns on top.

Maybe I can put some of them on the bag we will be making.
I got a whole bunch of pieces backstitched on the Queen's Crown. 

 I am working on the second piece of fabric and it is going more easily as it is on silk instead of cotton.  I hope to finish these pieces today.  

I want to finish up the back of the baby quilt too.  I better get busy!

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  1. It's easy to cave when Nashville Market comes around. :)
    Cute stitching.