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Monday, March 21, 2016

Good Mail

I got the Just Nan stuff I was waiting for.  I love this:

  But now I need to kit them up.  I went diving into various storage containers looking for the floss.
All three designs call for DMC.  I should have the floss here somewhere.  I found most of them but for the few I need, I'm going off to Hobby Lobby.
I ordered the linen for the limited edition needlebook.  But instead I was sent the fabric for Hedgie.  The store is sending me the fabric I wanted but that means I'll have to wait to start it.  The other two projects will be quick stitches.  Maybe I can start one of them today.

I finished my experiment with the clock design as a front on the needlebook.  I worked this side over one. I started by doing full cross stitches but put it down.
Then when I went back I tried just half cross - much better.  So the question now is do I go back and take out the crossed stitches so all I have is half cross or do I cross all the half crosses.  Or do I just leave it as is?  I bet you can't tell where the full crosses are.
The back of the needlebook I stitched over two.

Which side do you like better?  I like the over one side.

It was cold walking today but tomorrow is going to be warmer.  The bathrooms are clean.  I'm getting excited as I leave in a week for Spring Fling.
I've got a finish to show you tomorrow!


  1. I love the look of over one! Honestly, I'd probably have to go back and cross the x's because it would bother me, I think. But old samples often have sections that were stitched differently whether on purpose or not. It makes yours unique!