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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Good Mail

I got two packages in the mail yesterday.  Love it!
In the first package were these two sacks.  Nice packaging.
They came from Gable House Goodes.  Inside were the waxers that I ordered.

They are beautifully detailed.  How could I ever mess them up by actually using them?  Not only that but they smell good too.  They are scented.  I have to tell you that they took a long time to get here.  I ordered them 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I emailed after a two weeks to make sure they got the order.  No response. I guess I am spoiled as the Amazon stuff comes very quickly.  Also, I thought I was getting "wedgewood" color which looked to be blue/green in the photo on the website.

The ones I got are definitely green.

In my second package was the kit from Silver Needle's Circle of Friends club.

 It was designed by Shepherd's Bush.  It looks to be a fun stitch but I will change  few things.  It says "the heart of my heart".  I'm thinking of leaving off the top part with the lettering and making a needle book out of it. I couldn't resist, I started it.
I found the blackwork biscornu chart!  It had fallen behind the laundry basket of shame. I'll show you my progress tomorrow.
I think we are going out to eat tonight.  Fun!


  1. The waxers are pretty.
    The SB would make a cute needlebook.

  2. Your waxers are very pretty. I like that pretty chart.