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Sunday, August 2, 2015


What an exciting day I had yesterday!  I went on an impromptu field trip.  BBF#2 is in town and we went looking for fish.  That is, Row By Row designs with fish in them.  First we went to the local fabric store and got its row by row pattern and some great fabric for the fish.  Conveniently my LNS is now just a store away from the fabric store so we had to stop and see what was in there even though it is mostly yarn.
Then we were on to a quilt store in a nearby small town, Queen Bee Quilts.  It was in a very old building.  The upstairs windows looked like they were ready to collapse.  But it was a nice little quilt shop downstairs.  They had some darling models.  I bought a quilt pattern (when will I ever make it?).

 It had embroidery and buttons on it.

  Then I saw a sweet child's apron.  Would that be cute for Claire?

 There was some interesting Valdani thread that was two color.

 I found a fine line Frixon marker.

Then there were two kits that are for making the Atkinson pattern called "Bridget's Bagette".  They didn't have the pattern, just the kits but I bought them anyway.
This is what is in the little roll:

 I also found some blue rick rack that will go on the Stitching By the Sea box.

  One of the best things about this quilt shop was a bowl of candy and a Keurig machine.  We sure enjoyed the Tootsie rolls.

Our next quilt shop was about a half an hour away.  It was a nice quilt shop but I didn't buy anything.  They recommended the Russ's Restaurant next door for lunch.  I thought all the Russ's were closed but I was wrong.  I had a fish sandwich and a grilled cinnamon roll for lunch (instead of french fries!).  It was good.

One more quilt shop to go.  Another half an hour away was the last quilt shop.  We thought we were out of luck when we drove up and the storefront was empty.  But the sign on the door said they had moved a few doors up. We found them and I looked for material to make Claire's apron.  I found some good fabrics for the apron.

We are finished shopping but now we have to get back home.  We thought we would take a few back roads, the scenic route.  Unfortunately the traffic ground to a halt and it took us about a half an hour to go two miles.  So we went back and took the highway.  We stopped at BFF#2's mom's house and I got to try an expresso.  I've never had one before.  I found out that it is alot like having dessert.  Yum.  She has an expresso machine that uses these pods and is very much like a Keurig.  You add a bit of ground  chocolate on top.  Then you add whipped cream on top of that.  Of course you sweeten it with sugar cubes.  Quite tasty!
Then BFF#2's mom fixed me up with green beans, pickles (two kinds) and cucumbers to take home.
I was so tired by the time I got home.  I didn't stitch a single stitch yesterday but I sure had fun.


  1. I think fun is the name of the game these days.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. Looks like a fun time with some great stash.