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Saturday, August 22, 2015


I am going to get some good stuff in the mail this week.  The last part of Shepherd's Fold is supposed to ship and the Silver Needle's first of four exclusive kits is also supposed to ship.  Yesterday I got the pre-stitching for a retreat with Lauren Sauer next May.  Designers are sending out pre-stitching way early.  I guess they hope we get it done.  I started it but it is not exciting as it is basting, backstitches and border stitches.  It is worked mostly in black thread.  I will certainly have this done by next May.  Let's hope I can find it when it comes time to go!

I got all the backstitching done on the big mermaid.  Yeah!

 Now for some color.  I put in just a start to see how hard it will be to go around the backstitching.  Not bad.

I fixed my errors on the mermaid purse.  Now she matches up.  She will be a lot easier to fill in with color as she isn't stitched solidly like the big mermaid.

Then I got another section of leaves done on the Merry Cox tray.  Slowly but surely I'm making progress.

I took out the incorrectly placed center of the motif on the Quaker Bag.  The linen is a little floppy and very hard to work with over one so I think I put some spray starch on it to make it a bit stiffer.

Just a couple more threads were work on Harmony's walnut lute.  I want to get it at least half done today.

It is a lovely day for walking.  I went to the Farmer's Market but, alas, there was no chocolate covered orange peel.  I'm going to learn how to make that stuff.  I am going to make a big pot of it at Christmas time.


  1. Where, when and what is the piece for the Lauren Sauer Retreat next year? I'm intrigued to know.
    Love your big Mermaid piece by Sharon Cohen.

  2. Can't wait to see the Mermaids with color.
    You are one busy gal! :)