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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Question

Sandra asked me this question:  Do you find it easy putting in the tent stitches after the backstitch?
Well, the answer is yes.  But let me explain.  This is not my first rodeo.  I stitched this Sharon Cohen design a while back.

 I think it was the first time I used this technique of putting the backstitching in first.  It is fun to put in the backstitching and see the design emerge.  The backstitching gives me a reference point for the filling stitches.  This means that I am less likely to get lost.  I actually don't have to tent stitch every single thread.  You just have to fill in.  So when the backstitch obscures a thread or is at a certian angle, no tent stitch is needed.  I've only had a time or two where I have taken out a stitch because it went over instead of under a backstitch.  I haven't had a problem with splitting a backstitch when filling in.  I have been using this little plastic magnifier to help me see if I have covered all the stitches in an area.

I realize that this technique is backwards from how cross stitch is usually done.  In conventional cross stitch you do all the cross stitches first and then add the backstitches.  But I sure have been having fun doing the design this way.  Just picking out a small part to work on each day has been fun.  I don't want to quit and work on something else.

I got the strawberries done yesterday.  The colors of the stems and leaves are a little weird.  As in blue or teal instead of green.
So far:
I picked out my name on the Merry Cox tray.  I am going to do some more blackwork in the center of the tray instead,
I went walking in a light misty rain this morning.  I'm hoping my mailman will bring me something fun today.


  1. Beautiful work. I've had this pattern for years and had forgot all about it.

  2. Beautiful work. I've had this pattern for years and had forgot all about it.

  3. It looks great.
    I think it would be fun to fill it in after and see the color emerge.

  4. Thank you Amy for the explanation. Maybe I will try the small Sharon Cohen ornament first to see how I get on. I love how your projects are progressing, you're a very fast stitcher.

  5. I have found my charts for the Strawberry Thief ornament and the Mermaid bag but don't have the larger Mermaid Tapestry. If it is not already spoken for and you are willing to sell the chart, please will you give me first refusal. Thanks, Sandra