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Friday, August 14, 2015


I had a good day stitching yesterday.   I got some more lines on the mermaid.

 Then I found another mermaid that makes a little purse.

 So I started that one too.  Wild and crazy.  I turned her frown upside down.

Then I decided to look up lesson #2 for Amy Mitten's Harmony since I'm done with lesson #1.  Now we are getting to the good stuff.  I started embroidering the lute for the scissors holder.

It is going pretty well considering that I'm not that great at embroidery.

I also started a Prairie Schooler ornament chart that I found in my stash.

I cut the linen just a bit too small!  But I can make this work.  Really.
How can it be Friday again?  Time goes too fast.
We are starting to get emails about the embroidery tour in October.  I find each one exciting.  We are going to go to Betty's Tea Room in York!  Cool!  It will cost a mint but this is a once in a lifetime thing for me.
My road trip for this month was delayed.   My BFFs and I will go on the trip in September instead.  What lucky ducks we are!


  1. Lovely projects as ever! You will have to try a Fat Rascal at Betty's - they are lovely with a cup of tea.

  2. You've gotten a lot done!
    Love the Mermaid purse.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you in Oxford on the tour!