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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Monkey Mittens

I have really difficult hair.  It has absolutely no curl.  I slept on curlers every night of high school.  It was really dumb to try and curl my hair as it became as flat as a pancake as soon as any humidity hit it.  Now that I am old and retired I've let myself go a bit.  No make-up, hair in a ponytail.  This year in our budget DH put in money so that I can get my hair done once a month.  Just finding someone who can deal with my hair is major.  I went to someone new this year.  She was great.  I decided I wanted a braid across the front like a headband.  She did that with ease.  As we were chatting while I was getting my hair done, my hairdresser mentioned that she has a son who is disabled.  When I told her I like to stitch, she said that she was wanting someone to make her son some mittens that would be very warm as he has poor circulation.  She wanted them to be on a ribbon or yarn so that he couldn't pull them off and lose them.  I have been mulling this around in my brain.  I know I can make fleece mittens.  The warmest mittens I have I got at a craft fair and they are made out of a sweater.

When I was at the fabric store the other day, I looked around for the softest fleecy material to make the mittens out of.  I found some sock monkey material that feels as soft as velvet.

 So I got some. I looked on the internet for a fleece mitten pattern.  I found one but each of the three pieces printed out a different size.  Luckily they are on an inch grid so I could see if I had the right size.  I am making them to fit me as I think I might be similar in size to a 10 year old.  So I cut out the mittens.

I looked at the YouTube video about making the mittens.  I got some really strong woven stuff to connect the mittens.

 So today I want to sew them together and see how it goes.  I want to put some warm and natural stuff on the inside.  So we'll see how it goes.

I found out what the last piece for Shepherd's Fold is!  It is a ruler holder.  I bet it comes in the mail this week.

It is raining this morning so I had to walk inside at the Y.  Then I went to the Farmer's Market and spend way too much money on things I shouldn't (chocolate covered orange peel!).  Yum.


  1. Wow. I thought the last piece of the Sheperd's fold is a stitching tray which I have ordered. After reading your post and seeing the ruler holder I went to the Sheperd'd Bush site and saw it. I am confused but I really liked the ruler holder. I guess I am going to have to have it too.LOL

    Barbara in OKC

  2. The mittens will be cute.
    What a neat idea.