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Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Tiny Dress

BFF#2 brought her big bag of stitching stuff over to my house yesterday and we stitched and talked.  It was very fun.  DH just never appreciates the interesting stitchy things I like to talk about but BFF#2 does.

I got very brave (or stupid) yesterday and decided to just try making the dress to fit Ophelia's doll.  I cut the dress out, improvising a pattern, and put Fray Check on all the edges.  When that dried I tried hand sewing the sides of the dress together.  It was challenging trying to turn the dress inside out.  Then I sewed the sleeves.  Not bad.  Then I had to just suck it up and try to sew around the neck and waist.  A little sucky.  When I got to the hem, I thought heck with it, where's the glue.  So I glued it.  This is how it turned out.

  Don't look closely.  It is really hard to make a dress for a two inch doll.  I was trying to channel my friend Janet because she does this stuff all the time.  Ophelia doesn't care, she just likes her doll.

I stitched the strawberry plant in the big Mermaid.

Now just two parts to go:  the leaves around the frog and the sun.  Then I can start filling in with tent stitch.

I got the satin stitch done on the walnut lute.

 Today I want to do the filling chain stitch.


  1. Your little dolly turned out beautifully!
    I think glue is one of my best friends.

  2. Ophelia is too cute.
    Great progress on the Mermaids and Lute.