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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Changing a design is hard.  You have to think about it for a while.  I've been thinking of how to change the Merry Cox tray.  So yesterday I went looking through some books for design ideas.   I saw a bird I liked and I saw some flowers but they didn't really go with the leaves very well.  So then I looked around a bit more and came across a blackwork design I found on the internet.  I decided I wanted to see how the pansy flower looked in the ovals on the tray.  So I tried stitching one with purple thread.

I liked it!  So now I'm putting pansies in all four.  My name will have to come out.  Picking out stitching over one is a pain.  Then I have to decide what to do in the center of the tray.  I can do some more of the blackwork design.  I'll have to think about it.

I got a bit more done on the big Mermaid.  This is fun just taking a small motif and filling it in each day. I finished off the butterfly.

 I wanted to see how her face looks all filled in.  Then I wanted to see the moon.  So those are the parts I worked on yesterday.

I think I want to work on the strawberries today.
BFF#2 is flying off to Betsy Morgan classes today.  I wish I was going too.  But what I really should be doing is catching up on all the classes I've already taken.
Next week is September!?!?

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  1. The added colors are looking great.
    Pansies are pretty also.,