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Monday, August 31, 2015

Tray and Lute

I ironed the Blackwork tray.  I found the finishing directions and supplies.  (That's a minor miracle in itself!)

So now I need to change the thread in my sewing machine.  I was too lazy to do it last night.  The directions say to sew the linen and lining together by hand.  Baloney!  That's what sewing machines are for.  I cut a piece of comic board to fit the bottom of the tray but I'm not sure I'll use it.  We'll see.  I didn't stitch the square to mark the bottom of the tray.  We'll see how it goes.

Amy Mitten is a genius.  I have been working on Harmony's Lute.  There is so much detail that has gone into this little lute, it is amazing.  This will be a masterpiece once I get it done.  This is how far I am.

 I think the hands are next.

I filled in the froggy on the Big Mermaid.

 I love him - and I don't really like frogs.
So far:

I may start the squirrel next.

Tomorrow is the road trip to Stitchville so I won't be posting until next week.


  1. Beautiful - I like your blackwork design better then the original design on the Merry Cox tray

  2. Everything is looking good.
    Have safe, fun trip.
    We will expect a full report. :)