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Friday, August 21, 2015

A Little Bit of This and That

I worked a little bit on several projects yesterday.  But I confess, I'd really like to start another project.  It is Facebook's fault as I saw Betsy Morgan's Elizabethan Eights all done and thought "That is so cool".  I have that pattern.  I could make it.  I have the linen.  I could find good colors of floss.

No Amy, you have too many things going already!  You can't start anything else - yet.
I worked on Harmony's walnut lute.  I started the filling chain stitch.

 What I don't know is:  Does it make a difference which way you go?  Do the chains need to start on one side and go to the other each time or can I do it the lazy way and just go all the way to one edge and then all the way back?  I tried both ways (literally).  There is one row that I think turned out especially nice and even.  Amy Mitten's directions don't tell me that I have to start at the top for each row, so maybe I don't have to.

Then I worked a bit on the Merry Cox tray.  I wanted to see if my lines would match up all the way around before I put on a million leaves that I would have to take out.  Yeah!  I got it to match!

 I don't like the font but it is too much trouble to change it.  I don't like that the chart doesn't show me where the words match up with the leaves and vine.  But I'll figure it out.

Then I worked on the sun and some of the frog's leaves for the big Mermaid.  I'm getting close to having the backstitching done.  Maybe today I can finish it off.

I wanted to put some lines in the Mermaid Purse too.

Unfortunately some of the lines are not matching up.  I can face trying to fix something much better in the morning than late at night.  So I put that down and picked up something else.

I also tried to put some more stitching in on the Quaker Bag.

 It is also not matching up so I have to do some investigative work finding my error.  Over one.  UGH.


  1. You have so many beautiful projects to stitch. I am envious :-). It's lovely to watch your progress.

  2. You really have a variety of projects going!
    All great though. :)