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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Three Queens

I am loving my three queens.  I finished up the yellow queen yesterday and worked on their fans (or whatever they are).

I cut a piece of comic board to the size of the side of the double casket to see how much room I have to add stuff.  I can add the next row under the queens.

  I have a flower to add on either side of them.  I'm not quite sure about the top.  I think I'll add a line of green and another row from the sampler.  We'll see . . .

I went to my local fabric store in search of Bridget's Bagettes pattern.  I found it!

So I tried using it with one of the little kits I bought the other day.  I tried to follow the directions.  I washed my material.  That is usually a mistake as it never looks new again and is wrinkly.  But the kit had the material folded up tightly and rolled snugly, so I washed it.  The pattern recommended using a walking foot.  I have a walking foot but sewing was very difficult as it was still sticking on the vinyl.  I tried just a regular foot and tissue paper on the vinyl.  Much better.  I didn't cut pattern pieces to the sizes sited in the pattern, I just went with the size of the pieces in the kit.  It worked out fine.  The back fabric piece just has to be bigger than the front piece by an inch and a half on the sides and bottom.  I think I can make the next kit much better.  This one was sloppy but it doesn't look too bad all done.

 There is clear vinyl on the front of the pocket.
I've been to the Farmer's Market and I've done my walking.  There were at least a hundred runners on the trail this morning.  I got some chocolate covered orange peel at the Farmer's Market.  Yum.  Now to make it last until next Saturday.  Fat chance.


  1. LOVE the Queens!!! And you've reminded me that I have this same Bridget's Bagettes pattern. They would make great gifts!

  2. The Queens are pretty.
    What a cute little pouch.