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Sunday, August 23, 2015

So Close

I am so close to having the filling chain stitch all done on Harmony's walnut lute.  Just one more thread will do it.

I don't know what comes next.  It might be the backstitching around the edge.

I finished stitching all the back stitch for the Mermaid Purse.  Yeah!

Unfortunately, the design calls for a bunch of Au Ver a Soie silk.  I went looking last night and only found one color on hand.  I may have to wait to work more on this until after my road trip to Stitchville the first week of September.

I put in a teeny bit of color on the big Mermaid.  I want to work on one of the animals, the butterfly or the fish.  This design uses all DMC. I bought all the floss a while back.

I finished the knitting for Ophelia's work book.  It took about 7 tries to get a decent little square of knitting using tapestry needles as knitting needles.  The rest of the book should be easy even though it is on 40 count.

I put some spray starch on the Quaker Bag.  Big improvement.  It is easier to find the thread I'm looking for.

Can't wait to see Claire on Facetime this afternoon.

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