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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Sometimes I wonder why stitching goes so slowly.  Maybe it just seems slow because I have so much I want to do and can hardly get to it.

I worked on the Merry Cox tray yesterday.  I should call it something else since it has morphed into a totally different design now that I have combined it with the blackwork design I found on the internet.

I am so lazy.  I didn't even try to figure out if the square blackwork design would fit in the center square of the tray.  I just thought I would stitch starting in the middle and see how much of it I could get in before I got to the outside edge.  Talk about planning ahead!  But guess what?  The design will fit with two stitches to spare.

I'm not sure I want to use the entire design.  I'm going to stitch most of it and decide later if I want to do the outside frame.  I'm using some overdyed purple Premium Vickie Clayton floss.  I wish she was still making this stuff.  I like it.

I was trying out the colors on the big Mermaid.  I thought the photo of the mermaid looked like her hair was too striped.  So I pulled some other colors.  But then I tried one of her tresses with the called for colors and it looks fine.

I started her reflection in the mirror.  I'd like to finish that part today.
I wanted to see what the striped sky looked like so now I have put in enough to see all three colors next to each other.  Looks okay.

I'd also like to get the sun done today too.  We'll see.

Oh, and another goal for today is the get the blue motif I am working on the Quaker Bag all in.

That would be some progress.  And yes, I would like to get the backstitching around Harmony's lute all put in.

 I'd better get busy.
I could get my Silver Needle kit today!  My fingers are crossed.

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  1. Great progress on all.
    The Lute is too cute.