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Sunday, August 16, 2015


It is going to be really hot today.  I walked this morning and it was humid.  I am so glad we have air conditioning.
Last night I met my BFF#2 and her mom at a local tea shop.  It was fun to catch up and have some dessert.  I wanted to try the bubble tea.  What the heck is that?  It turns out that it is a drink with ice and other stuff in the bottom of the glass.  I had the pina colada flavor with coconut things that were like cut up gumdrops in the bottom.  BFF's mom had a taro one with tapioca things that were blue in the bottom of her glass.  They have candy there too.  I had been craving a chocolate covered marshmallow and it was so good.  It was fun to chat and eat.
I hit a momentus point yesterday.  I got to my goal of getting the three queens stitched.

 I had to figure out what to do with that arch over the queens.  Flowers and curlicues were added along with a snail and a worm.

 Then to top it off I put on some spangles.

 It is done!  Then I laced it onto some comic board.

  It was fun to lay it up next to my casket and see what it looked like.

  I think it will do just fine as a side to my casket.  I did it!  And it didn't take forever!  Now what to put on the other sides???


  1. That is gorgeous on your casket!

  2. Oh, that turned out great, and it fits perfectly on the casket.
    Congrats on that part of your finish.