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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Do You See?

Do you see what has happened here?

 I accidentally cut off my scissors fob.  Rats.  Now how do I fix it in the easiest way?  I guess I have to make some more twisted cording and try to attach it.  Darn.  Oh well.  I really like this scissors fob.  In fact I might try to incorporate the same rose into my three queens.  I got the bottom row under the queens done along with the flowers on either side.

The flowers aren't even.  One is taller than the other.  I'm still evaluating whether to fix it or not. (I probably will). There is an arbor or arch over the queens but the chart does not show how far above the queens it is.

 I'll have to study photos and try to count the threads.  I don't like the lines hanging down from the arch and want to add the roses along the arch. Now that I am looking at this photo, I see that there is something in the middle of the fans on the ends.  The chart didn't show this.  I'll have to investigate further.

I really should work on some other things.  I want to make Claire's apron and the other bag kit.  I also want to work on the Quaker Bag.  It has been ignored too long!


  1. I did the same thing with a Christmas fob. Haven't fixed mine yet! LOVE your queens. Been watching them as you stitched. They would make a great stitching all on their own!

  2. Sorry you damaged your fob.
    The Queens are too cool