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Friday, July 31, 2015

Purple Queen

I worked on the Purple Queen yesterday. This is how far I got:

I changed her a bit here and there.  There is going to be a Yellow Queen and a Green Queen on either side of her.
I like her a lot.
This is Ophelia's doll being measured for her dress:

No, I wasn't brave enough to cut it out yet.

I wasn't going to go to very many retreats next year.  I was going to cut back.  But I just signed up for one.  I couldn't resist.  BFF#1 and BFF#2 are planning on going also so it will be a blast.

I was asked how I stitched trellis stitches.  The answer is, I follow the directions.  Amy Mitten gives great directions in her kits and I've had good results following her instructions.  I also looked up directions from Thistle Threads and gotten directions from a Catherine Theron kit.  Since I don't do trellis stitches very often, I always need reminding about what direction to point my needle and to always wrap my thread over the needle.
It is the perfect summer day here.  I wish I could keep this day in my pocket and use it next January!


  1. Which retreat did you sign up for? You can't offer a tease like you did and not tell which one. Just kidding.

    Barbara inOKC

  2. Don't forget this;
    Still haven't made up my mind.

  3. Great progress.
    That little doll is so dang cute.

  4. Thank you it's a very fine description :-)