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Monday, July 6, 2015

This and That

We survived the 4th of July.  There was a lot of noise but it stopped at midnight.  Thank goodness.
My aunt got a Fitbit.  This is good, right?  She friended me.  So now she can see how many steps I get and I can see how many steps she gets.  I'm can't help it, I am a competitive person.  It drives me crazy that my aunt gets more steps than I do.  She has always been very active.  But she's making me look bad!  She is 80.  EIGHTY! She's had both knees and a hip replaced.  And she beating me!  Then this morning I forgot to put on my Fitbit before walking.  So now I don't even get credit for the four miles I walked.  I'm trying to keep up with you Aunt Mary,  I really am.

I made a pea pod with peas in it out of velvet.

I think it is so cute.   This is the second one I made.  The first one didn't turn out.  I made this one differently.  I think I have to put a base on it so it will stand upright.  I'm hoping this ribbon covered stick will do.

 I'm going to hot glue it to the stick and keep my fingers crossed that this works.  Otherwise, I'm on to version number three.

Sometimes I work on things that I'm not fond of just to get them done.  Changing the colors helps me like it better.  Changing it to more flowery looking helps too.  This is where I am on the pocket I'm trying to finish.

I'm about half done.  This is like a spot sampler.  It is an exercise in doing a ton of different stitches.

I found Ophelia's sampler chart.  So now I have abc done.  Over one on forty.  Not my favorite but it is tent stitch.  I'm going to try to get at least 3 letters done every day.  We'll see how long that lasts.
The bathrooms are clean.  The AC is on.  I'm ready to stitch.


  1. I love the pea pod - I have the pattern. Where did you get the green velver?

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