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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finishing Class

Last Thursday the retreat began.  I was very good.  I walked in the morning since the hotel has a wonderful area in back with trails and walkways.

 I decided to try the hotel buffet for breakfast.  My plan for the day was to go to the shop and get some things on my list.  I was only looking for a chart and some flosses.  Then at 11 I would walk over to the finishing class.  I went down to the lobby to see about getting the shuttle to the shop.  But I ran into Cynthia at the Starbucks in the lobby.  She offered me a ride over to the shop.  She has a cute little red Fiat.  It was loaded with all the kits.  There are 164 people coming to this retreat.  I had no idea it was this big.  It is always fun to shop at a needlework store.

 I didn't find the chart I was looking for but I got the floss.  The classes are held in an empty store in the strip mall just around the corner from the Silver Needle.  The only drawback is this store has no bathrooms.  164 women and no bathrooms.  But it's okay.  We can use the bathroom at the store and another bathroom in a different empty store. This is the bathroom at the shop.  It is filled with models that are for sale.

 Also there is a Quilt store down the strip mall that has a bathroom.  I always check out all the possible bathrooms.
I also check into the retreat.  This means they give me a name tag and a big bag.

 The bag is empty except for a coupon that keeps track of your purchases.  If you buy 200 dollars worth of stuff you get 15 dollars to spent in the store.  I don't plan on spending very much.  I go over to the finishing class.

I have all my pre-stitching done.  I like the teacher, Mona.  She is very competent and confident.  The first thing we do is finish the rabbit into a pin cushion. This is Mona's:

 Mona uses a technique I've never seen.  We have a little plastic cup, a half of a styrofoam ball and some batting.  Then we put ribbon rushing around the edge.  I'm happy with how mine turned out.

Then we break for lunch.  I went over to the deli but there was a line and I wasn't really interested in a meat sandwich.  I forget what I did.  I had more to eat than normal at the buffet that morning.  Maybe I just skipped lunch.  After lunch we started the humbug.  I've made serveral humbugs so I know how it goes.  Mona has added beads to the bottom of hers so that was new for me.

  I am tickled to say that my humbug is finished and I am happy with it.

Then we started on the needle book.  I didn't think the stiffening is strong enough and I don't want to glue so I didn't finish it.  I tried lacing the fabric to the stiffening but it didn't lay flat.  I'm going to work on it when I get home and have all my stuff.  I'll use comic board and Thermolam.  Also I want to use my scallop scissors on the edge of the heart shaped needle page.  This is Mona's.

 We were running out of class time so Mona talked us through finishing the scissors fob.

I'll do it at home too, where I can cut a good oval shape.
After the finishing class is the reception for the teachers and a dinner.  There is a table of each of the teachers models.  Also patterns are available.  Cynthia has described our project for the retreat and I find it on her table.  It is very nice but I think I'll add some color as it is monochromatic.
There are hors d'oeuvres !  Yum, I'm starving.  Each of the teachers talks a bit about how they got started designing.  Lori of La D Dah gives us a photo tour of her house in Wisconsin.  Cynthia is teased about her neighbor across the street, Ricardo.  She likes the roses in his yard and has a design she calls Ricardo's Roses.
But they don't show the retreat projects!  I still don't know what we are making tomorrow when Lori does her project.
More food is served but I am full of the hors d'oeuvres.  I'm not really fond of Greek food.  The dessert is great though.

I am so tired I could pass out.  I look around trying to find a ride back to the hotel.  No luck.  I'll just call the shuttle.
The shuttle arrives. I tell the shuttle driver that I will  announce that the shuttle is here in case anyone else needs a ride.  So I go back in, let people know that the shuttle is here.  When I go back outside I walk over to a white van and open the back door.  Only it isn't the shuttle!!  The shuttle has moved closer to the door.  I opened the door to someones car.  Oh no, now how do I close it?  I am so embarrassed.  Luckily I see a button that says "close" .  Whew.
It's been a long day but tomorrow classes start. Yeah!


  1. It is great fun to read about your experience! I was glad to see you got a Blue bag (your favorite color!). I was concerned when I heard there were earthquakes in Oklahoma -- hopefully not when you were there? I am looking forward to seeing you next month! -BFF

  2. That is one bad thing about the Silver Needle. No place to eat nearby. The Deli is really good but choices are limited.

    Barbara in OKC

  3. Looks like you accomplished a lot.
    Those are all great projects.

  4. I would love to visit the Silver Needle! Sounds like it is a fun retreat.

  5. Once again, love reading about your trips to retreats!

    Had to smile at your plane ride with the unescorted young ones at the back of the plane. We had that happen once and as they kicked the back of our seats, the young male flight attendant leaned over and told us drinks were on the house - as many as we needed - for the entire flight. I didn't take him up on it but it at least made me laugh. The gentleman in the window seat however immediately however two shots, lol!