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Friday, July 10, 2015


I have a ton of mosquito bites.  There are at least eight on my right elbow area driving me crazy.  I wore long pants and a long sleeved shirt to go walking this morning hoping it would deter any more bites.
It seems like I'm working at a very slow pace.  I got a bit more done on Ophelia's sampler.  I'm done with the alphabet and on to the motifs which are way more interesting.  The crown has a mistake in it but I think it is fine.

I worked several trellis stitches on the Americana needlebook.  They are a bit tedious but I think I can finish them up today.  Only seven more to do.

I'm half done with panel 3 of the Spring Fling project.  Panel four is much more interesting and I'd like to get that far.
 A button will go in that space in the second row.

I am itching to go stash diving.  I shouldn't as I have too much to do already.  We'll see if I can resist. Maybe I'll just look...


  1. All projects are coming along nicely.
    You could try one of those Clip-Ons for mosquitos, that might help when you walk.

  2. I like the trellis stitches. How do you sew them?