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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I went walking in the rain this morning.  I only saw one other person on the trail.  She was riding a bike in the rain.  At least it was a nice warm 72 degrees.

I hot glued my pea pod to a ribbon covered stick.

It worked!  The pea pod is now stable and doesn't tip over.  I was afraid it wouldn't be wide enough but it seems to be working.  Yeah!

When I went to Silk Road Textiles, I got a free pattern for a scarf when I bought the yarn.  So I thought I would try it out and see if the pattern was easy enough for me.  I tried a few rows.  It's not perfect.  But this is the type of scarf that it's okay if it isn't perfect.

It is supposed to look like this.  So I'm continuing.  I like knitting as a break from stitching.

I am at loose ends at the moment. I want to finish my 2014 Spring Fling project before next Wednesday.

 But it is a spot sampler that I'm not crazy about. I'm on the third of four panels.
 I have too many things going on.  I like working on the both the Catherine Theron projects I got a couple weeks ago. Then I want to finish the Merry Cox projects.  But there are a lot of other things calling my name too.  Starting something new would add to my being overwhelmed.  I think I signed up for too many retreats this year.  Of course I think I said that last year as well.  Then I say to myself,  what do I really want to work on?  But the answer isn't helpful:  Everything.
What I should be doing is cleaning up my sewing room.  Yuk.
Maybe I'll go eat lunch.

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  1. The Peas are too cute. :)
    Cool knitting too..