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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Front Cover

I've been calling this project by the wrong name!  It isn't Americana needlebook.  It is Williamsburg Remembered by Catherine Theron.  I am so happy to show you that the cover of the needlebook is all done.

The inside of the needelbook is just stem stitched all around the outside.  How easy is that?  Several pockets will be added.  The cover was the largest most difficult part and it is done!  Yeah!  I would like to make the scissors fob today.  Easy-peasy.

I got this section done on the Spring Fling project.  It is one of my favorite stitches, boucle.  It looks way harder than it is.

I got one flower done on Ophelia's sampler.

 I have to figure out some initials to put here and there.
I got these in the mail yesterday. They are drawer pulls.

 I bid on them on ebay thinking I would be outbid for sure.  Nope.  I won.  I love them even though they aren't perfect matches.  I have to find the right size screw thing to install them.  Maybe DH will help me.
I have a thing for fish.  This is a bowl that I have that matches.  Sort of.  I've decided to use this bowl at every opportunity and not save it for good.


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  1. Your needle book is lovely, the colors are so pretty