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Monday, July 20, 2015


I got back late last night from my adventures in Tulsa at the Silver Needle Retreat.  So now I am ready to tell you all about it.  I left last Wednesday.  I knew it would take me all day to get there.  The airline sent me a bit out of my way to Minneapolis.  I got there fine but then things turned a little weird.  The gate agent wanted at least one person to give up his seat.  First she offered $300 on a Visa or similar card.  When she had no takers, she offered $400.  Still there were no takers.  So she offered $500.  I was thinking about it.  But getting in to Tulsa after 11 didn't sound very good to me.  Finally one guy volunteered.  We got on the plane a little late.  Someone was in my seat.  There was an assortment of  5 unaccompanied minors in the back of the plane.  I just sat in front of where my assigned seat was.  I hate having a seat in the back of the plane by the bathroom.  Ugh.  The plane was half empty.  Why was the gate agent desperate for someone to give up his seat?  We were held up since the airline wanted to add 15 people to our flight so they wouldn't have to do another flight to Tulsa.  Whatever.  We finally took off.  Unfortunately the child behind me talked incessantly the entire time.  Our flight attendant looked like she was very young and just beginning her job.  She was very nice.  I didn't catch her name although I thought she said it was Wanda.
We made it to Tulsa.  The airport looked very new.  I wasn't sure what to do to get the shuttle to the hotel.  I thought I would just walk down and see what shuttles were at the airport.  Hey, I got lucky!  My hotel shuttle happened to be there.  It was there to pick up the flight crew that had been on my plane.  I got to listen to the conversation amongst the crew as we went to the hotel.  I found out that the very young flight attendant's name was Secret.  What an unusual name!  Her grandmother talked her mother into naming her Secret.  But then, what middle name do you give when your first name is Secret?  When we got to the hotel, I was checking in and the lady working at the front desk had a Russian accent.  She was looking for a Miss Secret.  It seems that Secret's boyfriend arranged for a box of candy and a red rose to be delivered to her when she arrived.  How sweet!  Secret was quite surprised and touched to get her gifts.
I was starving when I finally got to my room. I had only had pretzels and water all day.  I wanted pizza which was on the room service menu.  So I figured they would serve it in the bar too.  So I went down and ordered an entire pizza.  I had a bunch of slices leftover.  My room has a refrigerator and a microwave so I took the leftovers with me.
There is a stitching room for retreat attendees up on the 9th floor.  So I thought I would just check it out for a few minutes.

 Mona was in there cutting stuff for tomorrow's finishing class, which I was taking.  Two girls from Arkansas were there stitching.  I decided to stay for a bit.  The light was pretty bad though.  Then Cynthia from The Drawn Thread comes in (her room happens to be next door).  She has driven all day from Denver to get here.  She recognizes me from past retreats.  So we sit and talk.  She talks me into trying a Margarita.  It wasn't bad, but I only like Pina Coladas.  She gets some of her stitching.  Oh fun, I love seeing what she is working on.  It is a Halloween design called Tangled up in Boo.  It is a skeleton holding on to the word 'Boo" that she is working on canvas.  The title is a play on words from an old Bob Dylan song called Tangled up in Blue.  I wasn't familiar with that song.  Although I googled it a few days later so I could listen to it. I was so exhausted by this time, I went back to my room and to bed.
Interesting day.


  1. can't wait to hear more adventures . . . . . .

  2. Sounds like you had a roundabout trip.
    Glad you got there safely and on time.
    I bet it was fun chatting with Cynthia.
    Can't wait to see her Halloween design.
    I remember that song.