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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cincy Trip Day Three

Saturday in Cincinnati was rainy and windy so I didn't go walking.  We went over to Starbucks and had a nice breakfast.  The class today is very full so we want to get to Carol's early so we can get a good place to sit.  I know I will see even more friends today.  I was hoping to get Ophelia's clothes all stitched but I am still working on the hem.  We all got antique lace for her petticoat and bloomers which I haven't made yet.

It is time to change gears as I now have a whole new kit to work on.  The kit today is A Yound Lady's Workbox.

This project was inspired by this antique sewing box:

 The title of the box is perfect, Dewitt Academy for Young Ladies, as I happen to be born in DeWitt County.  This box will be lined in pretty paper.

 We start stitching on the needle case's house.  Merry gets us all started in just the right spot.  There are several smalls that go with the main tray in this design.  One of the extra things is a spool of antique thread for our box.  Cool.
After a very nice lunch we talk about the finishing directions.  Merry has some clever finishing for this design.  We don't want to quit when it is time to go.

 You just get some momentum in stitching and then it is time to quit.  But we have another place we want to go.  Our trusty GPS get us to Silk Road Textiles.  We are hoping they have some  silk dupioni that will be helpful in finishing.  We park in back of the store.  It doesn't look that promising.

But when we go in, wow.  This is a great store.

I took some photos of the bathroom, nice.

They had dupioni but we didn't find the color we were looking for.  They had some very interesting yarn and a scarf that looked easy to knit. They have lots of great fabric and a row by row pattern.   I find some material that I just love.  It is so cool.  I haven't made clothes for myself in a number of years but I couldn't resist getting some of this cool material.  It is fair trade from India.  Now I'll have to find a pattern to do it justice.  They have some silk Kimono thread.

 BFF#2 has this thread (in about 25 colors) and loves it so I get a nice neutral color.  I have wanted to try this thread.  The girl that waited on me was Sasha, who it showing some attitude.

 She spins my yarn into a ball, which is fun to watch.  We have to get out of this store before we spend too much money.  Too late.

We feel like eating pizza.  We drive around but can't find a pizza place.  Rats.  So we decide to go eat at Bass Pro.

When we go into Bass Pro we discover there isn't a restaurant inside this one, just a snack bar with hot dogs and hamburgers.  No, we want something else.  As we are leaving we see fudge in interesting flavors.  I ask if the Bubble Gum flavor is good.  The girl gives us a sample.  It tastes just like bubble gum and it is good.  So, where to eat?  We decide to eat at Cracker Barrel again.  It is really busy this time.  They don't have pizza but we find something we want.  The big excitement while we are there is the ambulance showing up along with a policeman and the fire truck.  If you need help in Cincinnati, it is certainly available.
When I go back to my room, I work on Ophelia's undies.  I try using the Kimono thread.  It is fabulous.  I'm using the ecru color and you can hardly see it on the white antique linen.  I like this thread a lot.  It is great for finishing.
This weekend is going so fast.  How can tomorrow be our last day?

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