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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Drawn Thread Class

How can it be the last day of the retreat already??  I love a needlework class and can't wait.  I am good for yet another day as I go walking and stop at Starbucks afterwards for breakfast.  I get the shuttle to the shop. I've got the drill down pat.   In class there is another cupcake waiting for us.

 They spoil us here.  There is also another goodie bag for each of us.  Nice.

Oh my favorite moment - getting a whole new complete kit to start.

I was wondering how the group was going to react to a drawn thread project.  There is no cross stitch except for when you personalize your project with your initials.  But the reaction seems very positive.  I was wondering if people would shy away from drawn thread stitches but the answer is no.  We get to choose between a pocket or a sampler.  I choose the pocket.

  There are two kinds of thread in the kit.

I'm thinking of how to incorporate the blue silk thread into the design. We are using Legacy Linen.  We start with the border to the third panel on the pocket.  So I start with the darker blue.  Cynthia notices the color change and says I should do it all in blue.  But that's not my plan.  I remind myself that I am the one I have to please and can do it any way I want.  So I use all three kinds of threads just to make it interesting.  I'm liking how it looks.  When Cynthia sees more of it done she agrees that it looks nice.

I take breaks and go to the shop and the quilt shop.  This will be the last day I can get stuff.  I take a photo of the row by row so I can remember what it looks like.

 I get some fabrics that I think will be nice to do finishing with.  This is my stash from the quilt shop:

I get this year's Prairie Schooler Santa not even realizing that this will be the last one as they are retiring.

I also get a Jeannette Douglas design that looks like fun.

Lunch is a make your own sandwich and salads.  The fund raiser of pin cushions is completed.  Everyone who brought a pin cushion gets a wrapped pin cushion to open.  It is fun to see what everybody gets.  It seems like everyone is happy with her pin cushion.
I'm am finding that the drawn thread stitches aren't as hard as I thought they would be.  I get a lot done on the third panel.  Again we have an ice cream break in the afternoon.

It is great to just stitch and shop all day.  People start to leave about 3.  I run down and get a Whataburger at the end of the strip mall.  It will be my dinner.  I've never had that before and wanted to try one.  They also have rootbeer shakes.  You know I have to get one, just to try.  The two sisters are kind enough to give me a ride back to the hotel.  Thank you Linda and Barbara, it's has been fun.

I'm not leaving until late tomorrow so I have a one person stitching party in my room.


  1. it was fun hearing about your trip and seeing your projects and purchases.

  2. What a pretty project.

  3. Love Drawn Thread patterns....the pulled strings one is lovely. Lucky you!